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red ships, sis and my love / Kaneda

In my bedroom with y. after saved her from a bad day, we talked about the day. we talked about what happen. Life. Things. Thinks. It seems like everyday that we spent together was a single day. Every single day has seems to a different end, its complicated to explain. its seems like we had our time, but theres much more to live with her. i felt that we were in love with each other. that 'forever after' love. and i kissed her. i could felt my tremble lips touching her face. i could felt her breath under my skin. all those things that we could'nt let go... the butterflies that flew at the stomach were so small near this feeling. and i know that she felt at the same way.
we layed down on my bed, and i touched her hair. the most beautifull and soft hair that a boy could wish to have amoung his fingers.
When i recognize that she was everything i wanted for my whole life, there was anything in this whole world that should be this perfect. life is curious, and can make us see what really matters to us by different ways.
theres so hard to write about a dream that was more bout feel than do something.
we made love. and its still good. perfect. and i want her so. much more of her in my real life too.