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Drömma Dreaming Logger — Coleção de Sonhos — Sonhário
Filled with repression / Ranunculus

In a airport somewhere with family and what would be extended family, walking through a store, it has everything you would need to travel and souvenirs, after a short stroll with my mother by my side I find a shelf covered in sexual apparatus, dildos, anal plugs, vibrators... I’m surprised but intrigued and think why shouldnt one indulge whilst traveling, I take a discreet look around, somewhere on the other side of the store a white haired lady in her 50-60s is displaying strains of cannabis on top a solid light brown wooden stand delicately breaking apart buds with her finger tips and explaining to a fellow store member to her side something about use or quality, i park myself in between them and observe thinking that I might get a sample, my family has left the store because I always browse a bit to long, I am alone and return my gaze to the sexual apparatus, imagining how I might gratify myself, which one is for me, do I want one? I do , how do I choose... I see everything and even identify some models and one which i have owned before, a horrible rotating vibrator which is the only type that vibrates and give up after intense pondering. I sit in the corner on those traditional connected airport chairs next to a couple and some more people, the couple is very comfortable stretched out and with covers, I am excited and ponder about the nature of the couple, a foot is extended onto me and rapidly it is obvious to me it is a sexual invitation of sorts of the couple snuggled and hidden occult, I think a menage but here? Tempting but no, I see most people could probably notice and wonder why anyone hasn’t said anything yet.... out of the blue appears a old friend one who I hadnt known so well and he sais something like “ what menage! Of course ill participate” Im thrown of balance and rethink my initial stance, maybe ill do it to... my father bursts in through the store door and quickly puts an end to the vine and situation with his loud imposing voice, condemning... I snap at him and say, are you really going to be the one judge us? Somewhat threatening to expose his own dark repressed secrets that I am aware of...