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Drömma Dreaming Logger — Coleção de Sonhos — Sonhário
2 leõs / medusa

Dream 22/7/22 (portal?!): 2 lions were hidden in some obscure unactivated HQ industrial style warehouse and I was there with some other ppl, around a hundred, young men and women. I think we never actually saw the lions, but we knew they were huge and would eat us alive if found, maybe we did saw them at some point cause some of us really believed they existed. Just a few tried to find a way to leave, like me, but mostly ppl just wanted to stay in and see how things would go. I mean, why stay inside an ominous HQ with lions around like vultures on the prowl when you could just run away from there? i wanted to scape no matter what. something was holding them there but not me. didn't looked like a difficult scape but I woke up without leaving the building. i was about to, i think, but something woke me up.