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i went into a house and there was a hole in the wall..this hole was strange and i had to touch it but when i touched it i fell into it and i found myself in a new house with the same wall and the same hole...but this time i didn't want to touch it and i went into a new room,this room was green and i heard babied laughing and i was so happy that i had to cry,then all the babies changed ther laughter into crying and i wanted to get out...but when i got out,i was sitting on a bus with my sister, one of my former school teachers and some of my friends, we didn't notice each other and it seemed that everybody didn't care for nothing but themselves...my former teacher was driving the bus and i wanted to know where we would go and he told me that we will go to my uncle's house and i had to give him a watch for his birthday,because my uncle would celebrate his 34year old birthday and then i said that i lost the watch and i had to go out of the bus to walk back home....

unfortunately i don't remember more,i only remember some little scenes...

and i don't have any idea what this dream means nor if it has a meaning at all.