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Back in Time with my Nokia / Im

I had a dream that I went back in time to the 1980s. In order to run the final year of the course. Bizarely I had my nokia phone and I was somehow supposed to use it to help me, then I realised I would be changing the course of history by introducing them to high density circuitry and miniaturised computing power! I ended up starting some kind of a civil war and there were people in black chasing me. I had to hide/destroy the phone and blend in. not sure what the course had to do with it though. I ran that in the background.
Another Chase Bling / IM

I have a friend who I havent seen for a couple of years, needless to mention unike myself hes very very rich, but in this dream he'd grown absolutely filthy rich- mansions,palaces, expensive cars.. and wait.. RIDICULOUSLY extravagant, stupefyingly expensive jewellery. So there he was telling me about his gold/diamond encrusted knuckle duster style ring and how it was worth more than such-an-such a celebrity's jewellery when we heard on the news that a revolution had started in the country and my friend had been named as one of the rich people who led the country to ruin.
- - -
anyhow jump cut to a car chase through various neighbourhoods,one of those neighbourhoods stood out as being somewhere near the place where I currently work, in the dream it was a a hangout for male prostitutes and transvestites. So we lost the cars we were being chased by, and headed to a dis-used garage, just outside this large garage/hangar was a great big courtyard which looked like the docks in Half-life 2.

our getaway car was stationary outside the garage, when men dressed in ninja style black outfits and wierd looking machine guns came out of the garage from behind the oil barrells , the empty cars etc.. with their guns pointed straight at our car, that point in the dream was the most vivid I'd ever experienced in a dream for a while, then I woke up.
Kafkas Comet / IM

had this weirdo dream, set in a futuristic 1984-esque society, the whole thing apparently took place in the neighbourhood where my dream self lived.

time, clearly before sunrise, still dark a bit cold and I had to get from one place to another crossing and hopping between house to house.. as I did this I had fleetingly short moments where I met people close to me for short periods of time. gave them a hug, held their hand and went off again. each one of them wished me well.

at points during the journey I had to rest, pass through underground train stations, wait a little, hop on hop off.. the pace was somewhat relentless and I kept running and jumping, between houses, the scenery was recycled from other dreams Ive had, suburban american type houses with well kept lawns and fine mists of water from sprinklers.

anyhow I somehow landed near a house, close to my destination, a car chase was in progress, a car sped by,

I decided to lay on the grass and wait before carrying on, a car went by, some dogs yelped, and some 1984 style thought police wearing grey uniforms with muted red bandana's
stepped out and approached me speaking to me in a questioning tone, all the while I knew what was going to happen, Id been following a trail of 20-30 small comets in the sky, i looked up, and they suddenly tore up the night sky. warmth permeated the sky and surroundings, and that was the end of the dream.
Gibson / Im

I had a dream I was talking to william gibson, I woke up very happy.
Glass ElevatorVirus Outbreak / Im

I had a dream I was in an elevator made of glass and dark coloured aluminium.. and while I was travelling to one of the lower floors. I was informed that there has been a virus outbreak on that floor and that they will seal it off . I tried not to breath on that floor and I believe the door never opened anyway..

someone the only person I could call was a famous psychologist, who was appearing on a TV show that day.. he said he will be with me at the latest in 70 minutes..

I woke up I think before the dream ended and the psychologist was in a helicopter.

html toilet / Im

I had this dream where i needed to go to the toilet.. really badly.. but I had to go to a neighbours house to go to the toilet.. I went their several times. and it had a strange layout. which looked exactly like a web form with a submit button, textareas and POST address.

So instead of going to the neighbours house I decided to load dreamweaver and code my own toilet. I woke up needing the toilet.
car dream / Im

I was in a well tuned car I kept driving up to the edge of a cliff and backing up.
Chicken McNugget / Im

I had this dream which ended up being a documentary about a vicious hand held tool for use in chicken slaughterhouses.

The night before I was working on my project and thinking about KFC chicken. and information as nuggets.. I like the word nugget.

The end of the dream.. or nightmare for a few seconds it focused on this tool, it was like an advertisement for it.